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Fasteners and Related Products

Fasteners are our specialty! If it has a thread on it, we can supply it. To review technical information and parts you will be directed to FastNetTM Direct. If you cannot find the parts or information you need, give us a call and our sales team will be happy to assist!

Image for Abrasives


Cutting-edge abrasive products that will meet the need of any project

Image for Custom Engineered Components

Custom Engineered Components

We will support your ideas and vision from prototype to production

Image for Electronic Fasteners

Electronic Fasteners

Spacers, standoffs, circuit board supports, and micro screws

Image for Electrical Supplies

Electrical Supplies

Crimp termination, wire connectivity and cable management

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From nuts and bolts to screws and washers, we provide a wide range of fastening options

Image for Industrial Supplies

Industrial Supplies

Drill bits, taps, dies, reamers, saws, and their related tooling

Image for Mechanical Components

Mechanical Components

Wire forms, precision shims, custom stampings

Image for Motion Controlled  Products

Motion Controlled Products

Knobs, handles, hinges, and latches

Image for Plastic Components

Plastic Components

Plastic parts to nylon fasteners, we supply a range of non-metallic components

Image for Rivet Technology

Rivet Technology

Blind, structural, solid, tubular, lockbolts, rivet nuts, and their tooling

Image for Spring Loaded Devices

Spring Loaded Devices

Ball and spring plungers

Image for Threaded Inserts

Threaded Inserts

Inserts for plastic, metal, wood, and compression limiters

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