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Our expertise extends across various industries. We are equipped to provide each customer with unique, high-quality OEM fastener solutions. For over 75 years, our knowledge and experience have made us a trusted partner for growth and success.

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As a leading distributor of industrial fasteners, electronics, and related components, Portland Screw works with you to meet your production goals by providing the highest quality fasteners, components, and services for efficient and effective manufacturing.

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Electronic components require the highest quality in materials and manufacturing.

Portland Screw will work with your designs and application requirements to source the best product for manufacturing your product.

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The trucking industry is critical to global transportation and supply chain management. Portland Screw has 75 years of experience in sourcing, supplying, and delivering product to support the trucking and trailer industry.

By building a customer inventory management program, Portland Screw can support the production and repair work of this vital industry.

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Portland Screw supports component and supply requirements in addition to your fasteners needs. Through our network of suppliers and vendors we provide drill bits, abrasives, power tools, brushes, clean room supplies, and many other consumable products.

Our team will work with you to provide needed items through our delivery systems including VMI programs.

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Attention to detail and reliability are of the utmost importance when supplying fasteners to the medical field. You want a partner with experience and a track record of dependability.

Portland Screw is the source you need, supplying components to various manufacturing and assemblies worldwide. Put your trust in a company that understands the intricacies and precision needed for this industry.

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Energy & Utility

Portland Screw entered the wind and solar market in the early years of the industries.

Working closely with engineers and designers, we continue to support this market with high quality products focusing on the integrity of the product related to safety, environmental, and longevity.

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