About Us

Portland Screw Company opened in 1948 in Portland’s historic Old Town.  For the past 65 years, Portland Screw Company has earned its reputation as an expert in electronic and industrial fastener applications throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Over the years, Portland Screw Company has built long term relationships with customers and vendors by providing quality domestic and imported products for the electronic, industrial and transportation industry.

Today, Portland Screw Company continues to be a leader in the fastener industry.  With our strong knowledge of all types of fasteners and their applications, we are uniquely qualified to work with you from development through production.

Portland Screw Gives Back to the Community

Portland Screw Co. focuses on two philanthropic priorities: education and environmental awareness. We need to protect the environment and give back to schools to help our future generations thrive. Portland Screw Co. recently donated hardware to the Oregon State University Engineering department. Specifically the Oregon State FSAE Race Team.


Industries Served